Main Events

Commercial Visit to Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina’s administration delegates who hosted the visit were:
Laura Montero, Vice Governor of Mendoza.
Martín Kerchner, Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy of Mendoza.
Emir Félix, Mayor of San Rafael.
Walther Marcolini, Mayor of General Alvear.
Guillermo Cruz, Undersecretary for Industry and Commerce;
Alejandro Zlotolow, Undersecretary of Agriculture and Breeding.
Fernando Urdaniz, Fundación PROMENDOZA.
Rubén Piastrellini, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Breeding of San Rafael.
Lorenzo Nievas, Director of Development and Technological Employment of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy of Mendoza.

The following figures were present there to represent the Italian Delegation:
Juris Zadra, Managing Director of IndustrialFrut.
Oliviero Zadra, Works Manager of IndustrialFrut.
Armando Soldaini, RomeExpo CEO.
Carlos Cherniak, Director of Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Argentine Culture.